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ICONS EXCLUSIVE: Tom Holland's Director Commentary For CHILD'S PLAY! FREE DOWNLOAD!

Last week MGM put out a new special anniversary edition of CHILD'S PLAY on DVD, dubbed as “CHUCKY’S 20TH BIRTHDAY EDITION.” While loaded with plenty of new features and extras, there was one thing that was notably absent from the DVD release… The director of the film, Tom Holland. For whatever reason, the producers on the DVD decided to exclude him from the disc. It’s fairly obvious when you hold up the first film to all of its sequels, that it was the craft of a director like Holland that made CHILD'S PLAY the genre classic that it is. Had the first film not worked, there wouldn’t have been a franchise. So, we felt we should give fans what they deserve - a commentary from the man who directed Chucky's first outing.

We contacted Tom and asked if he'd be interested in recording a CHILD'S PLAY commentary track for ICONS OF FRIGHT. And sure enough, he was thrilled to...

Moderated by filmmaker and new ICONS staffer Tim Sullivan, below is a link to the CHILD'S PLAY director's commentary, which you can download ... for FREE. (Right click and select "save target as")


Tim will guide you at the beginning of the track to queue up your DVD with their audio track. This is our gift on behalf of Tom Holland, Tim Sullivan and ICONS OF FRIGHT to you, the fans.

Sullivan is also planning for several more of these as part of his new ICONS exclusive on-going column SHOCK N ROLL. (Check out the first issue HERE!) His second issue debuting later this week will feature a lengthy interview with Tom Holland, and include 2 new FRIGHT NIGHT commentaries.

ICONS OF FRIGHT and SHOCK N ROLL are firm believers in the preservation of the films that we grew up with and consider classics. So, we’ll do our best to continue to bring “pirate” commentaries of this quality via Tim’s SHOCK N ROLL column right here on ICONS OF FRIGHT.com.


CHILD'S PLAY was written & directed by Tom Holland from a story by Don Mancini and starred Chris Sarandon, Catherine Hicks, Alex Vincent and Brad Dourif as Charles Lee Ray (aka Chucky). Produced by David Kirschner, the 1988 horror hit went on to spawn 4 sequels and is now on the cusp of a new remake. (More on that HERE!)

Visit Tom Holland on My Space: www.myspace.com/5ordie

Visit Tim Sullivan at: www.myspace.com/newrebellion

Special thanks to Joseph Bishara for helping make this commentary track possible!


Thank you...this is fantastic!

Congrats on getting this guys!! I'll give it a go later on today because im in a rush at the moment. Who knows how long it'll take to download (dialup).

faaaantastic !!!!!

This is a wonderful gift to all horror fans out there!!! Child's Play is a classic movie with an amazing director! Thanks again!

Excellent work. Good to have a moderator like Tim who knows genre history as well as Tom does. One of the better recent commentaries I've heard, and it ain't even on a disc!

Once again, you've outdone yourselves. TERRIFIC job!!

Thank you very much for this. Tom Hollands directing made the film, and it's a treat to finally own it in widescreen!


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