Icons of Fright/Nightmarish Conjurings’ James H. Carter II Chats With CAMINO Star ZOE BELL!

*Editor’s Note – While I was able to have a chat with CAMINO (in theaters now and on VOD/iTunes beginning March 8th)’s villain, Nacho Vigalondo, our good friends Shannon McGrew and James H. Carter II over at Nightmarish Conjurings were nice enough to review the film (here) and have a chat with one of the […]

Review: CAMINO

Whether Zoe Bell is lead actress in a movie or doing stunt work for films by Quentin Tarantino, one thing is for sure, Zoe Bell is badass. Leading up to seeing a screener of director Josh C. Waller’s film, Camino, I had only known Zoe Bell’s work as mostly that of a stunt woman. When […]

Icons of Fright Chat With CAMINO Star Nacho Vigalondo!

Director Nacho Vigalondo blew film goers away with his 2007 time-travel thriller TIMECRIMES, a film that redefined the genre and offered a very smart look at the time travel film fare. Always the maverick, Vigalondo continued to offer new and interesting films, like 2014’s OPEN WINDOWS and his eerie entry into the horror anthology film […]

Zoe Bell/Nacho Vigalondo-led CAMINO Headed Your Way in 2016 From XLrator Media’s TURBO Label

It’s pretty impossible not to love Zoë Bell. The RAZE/DEATH PROOF star has a certain charm that makes it a fun experience to see her in anything, so even the slightest announcement is enough to make fans cheer in excitement. Fully funded by Bleiberg Entertainment, the Bell-led CAMINO, which also features TIME CRIMES/OPEN WINDOWS director […]