Icons of Fright Chats With VENDETTA/WWE’s Paul “BIG SHOW” Wight!!

Paul Wight is one intimidating guy. Whether he’s slamming people down left and right as “BIG SHOW” in the WWE, or doing other entertaining projects, the guy is one hell of a juggernaut that you wouldn’t want to cross in a dark alley at night. Making for one hell of a villain in the now […]

Trailer For WWE Studios Non-Wrestling Ghost Film BARRICADE !

WWE Studios’ output of films is wonderfully schizophrenic; ranging from mean spirited horror (See No Evil), to 80’s esque actioners (12 Rounds), to family friendly anomalies (surprisingly way too many to list), and soon a wrestler starring remake of Leprechaun! With the upcoming and  long languished BARRICADE, the studio is venturing into the supernatural. We’ve […]