When it comes to post-apocalyptic films, we’ve unfortunately seen most of what the subgenre tends to offer. Dry, desolate nothings, filled with weathered clothes, a thirst for water or blood and a lot of facial hair. Sure, sometimes that’s fine and wonderful (see  or see my fist to your face..not really, but really, see it.), […]

First Trailer/Poster for Post-Apocalyptic HOW TO SAVE US hits; Looks like a wild ride!

Jason Trost is a guy who refuses to slow down. The writer/director of THE FP, WET AND RECKLESS and ALL SUPERHEROES MUST DIE is continually writing and getting projects going, and one that I for one have been incredibly excited to check out is his post-apocalyptic film HOW TO SAVE US (being released on June 5th). […]