I’ve always subscribed to the idea that film parodies only work when they’re played straight. When the situation is what brings the laughs, instead of continual references and camera winks, so to speak. Films like the SCARY MOVIE or A HAUNTED HOUSE series never quite did the trick, with turning cliche-filled parts of the films […]

Two Bonus Feature Clips From WARM BODIES Blu-ray!

Jonathan Levine (ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE)’s zombie rom-com WARM BODIES is lurching to Blu-ray & DVD June 4th, and we’ve got a pair of clips from the bonus features that will be included on the disc. Fans of John Malkovich and moaning zombie conversations, these are for you! Here’s our review and original […]

Zom-Com WARM BODIES Unthaws Onto Blu-ray June 4th!

Back in December we got an early look at  Jonathan Levine (ALL THE BOYS LOVE MANDY LANE)’s zombie rom-com adaptation WARM BODIES (read that review here), where I said “Basically, WARM BODIES is just cute, and geared for teenagers looking for an alternative to Twilight, or zombies in general. In that regard, it’s par for […]

New Horror Talkshow Podcast KILLER POV Debuts On GeekNation!

Alright FRIGHT fans, listen up! Ever yearn for a cool conversational horror podcast? Something with 3 different perspective and tastes to talk all things horror and then interview some cool guests? Well, look no further! The fine folks at GeekNation have asked Icons Of Fright’s own Rob G (aka Rob Galluzzo, also of FEARnet), Fangoria’s […]


You just read our TOP PICKS OF 2012 right HERE and HERE. But that doesn’t mean we can’t start getting excited for the new stuff arriving in 2013! And there’s quite a bevy of intriguing and diverse genre material on its way. Some of it original, some are sequels, and a good chunk are remakes, […]

Movie Review: WARM BODIES

Zombies are currently the overblown poster creature of pop culture. From TV, to comics, to video games, and cinema. Zombies, are literally, everywhere. With that mass amount of dead-horse-beating over exposure on so many mediums, the notion of being fresh and original is sadly neglected. George A. Romero essentially created the creatures, and defined their […]

Zombie Love Is In The Air In WARM BODIES Trailer!

WARM BODIES is finally hitting theaters February 1st, 2013, after about a years’ worth of shuffling to find a proper release date. Based on the novel of the same name, WARM BODIES admittedly looks Twilight-esque (it’s from Summit, the same studio) but has a pretty unique concept (zombie meets girl, zombie falls in love with […]