Ensemble films can be quite the tricky endeavor, especially for a first time director. Making sure one person has their performances dialed can be a pain in the ass, but a whole group of people?, That can be murder. Luckily, in the case of Travis Oates and his feature debut, DON’T BLINK, the ensemble not […]


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Warner Bros. is getting ready to set loose a zombie apocalypse on Los Angeles, when they release Turner Clay’s DISASTER LA: THE LAST ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE BEGINSS HERE onto DVD/Bluray and VOD on September 16th. Clay’s previous film, STATE OF EMERGENCY dealth with toxins on the air that created crazed viral creatures as well, and DISASTER […]

The Millennial’s Guide to Picking Horror Movies


For those of you that aren’t religiously worshipping at the altar of The Killer POV podcast, (brought to you by Geeknation, Elric Kane, Rebekah McKendry, and our own Rob G.) you’re missing out on some extremely poignant and important discussions in the name of horror. Last week the Killer POV gang and their guests Axelle […]

War & Psychedelics: Trailer For Ben Wheatley’s A FIELD IN ENGLAND!


Ben Wheatley is currently one of the most unique voices in cinema. His recent films KILL LIST and SIGHTSEERS are dark tour de force’s that range from distressing to hilarious. Going one step further to solidify he’s operating on another level, his latest film A FIELD IN ENGLAND takes us on a wild trip to […]

Argento’s DRACULA 3D Goes Old School With New Poster!!


Dario Argento, a rightfully labeled ‘Master of Horror’, has returned with DRACULA 3D, which promises a new spin on the classic tale, and while I haven’t been a huge fan of the last couple of films Argento has made, this brand new poster looks pretty awesome. The poster skips today’s awful close up faces via […]

Scary Clowns, VHS Tapes, and Halloween Trickery in ALL HALLOW’S EVE


Let’s face it, clowns are pretty terrifying on their own, let alone clowns torturing and murdering people left and right. Horror fans looking to scared silly this Halloween can rejoice, as the poster/trailer for Damien Leone’s ALL HALLOW’S EVE has made its debut, and seriously…I don’t want to look at that poster again (creeeepy). The […]

Trailer For Pint-Sized Horror/Comedy HELL BABY!

If you’re a fan of THE STATE, RENO 911!, and KEY & PEELE, then the upcoming HELL BABY should be right up your alley. A trailer has been released for the pint-sized horror/comedy, and it looks plenty funny & ridiculous. Synopsis: “Jack (Rob Corddry) and Vanessa (Leslie Bibb) are an expectant couple that moves into […]

Creepy BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO Hitting VOD and Limited Theaters This June!!

Peter Strickland’s creepy film-score gone wrong movie, BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO is definitely an interesting film (review soon), and those who didn’t get a chance to catch it on the festival circuit last year, the time to fret is over. IFC MIDNIGHT has now announced that they’ll be putting the film into a limited theatrical and […]