Sometimes a release comes that could very easily be worth the price of purchase, just based on the film itself. Sure, it’s always a plus to have some kickass special features, and that’s good and all, but some films just grab you by the collar and scream out: BUY ME!! Those releases are fine, but […]

Scream Factory Brings Vincent Price Anthology FROM A WHISPER TO A SCREAM To Bluray This April!

Scream Factory is bringing yet another badass anthology your way, when they give a brand new collector’s edition Bluray of the 1987 Jeff Burr (LEATHERFACE: TCM III, STEPFATHER 2)-helmed FROM A WHISPER TO A SCREAM (also known as THE OFFSPRING) to shelves on April 28th. Set in a single small town, the film is a […]

A Look Back At: MADHOUSE

Editor’s Note: Hey fiends! Our own Josh Soriano returns with A LOOK BACK AT 1974’s Vincent Price starring, MADHOUSE! Read on below! There’s no arguing that Vincent Price is a horror icon, a prolific character actor whose performances are synonymous with the genre. From his earlier work with schlockmeister William Castle to the Edgar Allen […]

Happy 30th To Michael Jackson’s THRILLER!

Greetings, fiends! I was skimming through today’s batch of articles on FEARnet (my full time day job) and read this fantastic retrospective by Gregory Burkart on Michael Jackson’s THRILLER. The long form music video/short film directed by John Landis actually premiered on MTV on this date, December 2nd 30 whole years ago! Whew! How many […]

The Original Vincent Price Starring Horror Classic THE FLY Buzzes To Blu-ray!

Fox is beginning to release their more classic titles under a ‘Studio Classics’ banner (including sci-fi spectaculars VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA and FANTASTIC VOYAGE) onto Blu-ray, and come September 10th the 1958 classic THE FLY will buzz it’s way into stores! The Vincent Price starring sci-fi/horror spawned two sequels ( THE RETURN […]

1953’s Classic Horror HOUSE OF WAX Drips Onto 3D Blu-ray!

Warner Bros has finally set a release date for their 3D Blu-ray release of Andre deToth’s HOUSE OF WAX! “In 1953, the film was the first color 3D feature released by a major studio. The huge hit also marked Vincent Price’s first major starring horror role and changed the course of his career. Thanks to […]

Cover Art For Scream Factory’s VINCENT PRICE COLLECTION Blu-ray!

Horror’s legendary leading man Vincent Priceis getting his very own Blu-ray box set from Scream Factory, entitled the VINCENT PRICE COLLECTION! The six film collection includes FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER, THE HAUNTED PALACE, THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH, THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM, WITCHFINDER GENERAL (include the US edit THE CONQUEROR WORM), […]