Design Your Own Monster for Universal Studios’ HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS!!

Have you ever wanted to put your own stamp on an iconic Universal monster? Well, here’s your chance, as Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights has announced a brand new contest, asking horror fans to do just that. Here are the official rules/specifics: Here’s a chance to put your twist on a Universal Classic Monsters character […]


I love the classic Universal monster movies. Growing up, many hours of my childhood were spent sitting in front of my family’s TV, enthralled by whatever monster happened to be on, and I’ve grown to appreciate them even more as an adult. There’s just so much in those films that a lot of today’s horror/monster […]

Megadeth Performing as Universal Monsters!

Heavy metal titans Megadeth have got a new album hitting stores today called 13, but last night they dropped by the Jimmy Kimmel show and performed their classic Symphony Of Destruction fully in costume as the big bad 3 Universal Monsters! Kinda odd (yet awesome) seeing Dave Mustaine perform as Frankenstein. Check it out below!