A Pirate Meets His End in New BLACK SAILS: Season Three Clip?

Season three of Starz’ excellent pirate series BLACK SAILS is heading to DVD/Bluray/Digital HD on November 8th and we’ve got a clip from the release. In this clip, we see stars Tom Hopper and Zach McGowan talk about a scene in which one of their character could potentially meet their end, via a noose and an […]

Why You Should Be Paying Attention To BATES MOTEL!!

When A&E first announced that they had greenlit a straight to series order on a show based on Norman Bates, I was very skeptical. This was in light of the rise of popularity in genre programming on television in which I welcome, but properties that I hold close to my heart make me anxious to […]

HANNIBAL: Season Three Hits Shelves December 8th; Gag Reel, Deleted Scene and More Included

The third and final season of TV’s Hannibal is set to hit shelves next week (December 8th to be exact) and though it’ll be bittersweet to see what was easily television’s best show on come to DVD/Bluray and finally a home video end, there’s enough bonus material included to keep the most devout Fannibal happy. […]

Editorial: An In Depth Look At Why TV’s SCREAM QUEENS Matters by Leonel VHS

Lately I’ve been reveling in the fact that horror has made a huge resurgence on the small screen within the last few years. Back when I was a youngster in the late eighties, horror had a small presence on television, but albeit in a different form. Most of what was on the air then were […]

TV Review: AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL Episode 2: “Chutes and Ladders”

It’s time for the second episode of a show that’s put itself in a position where every year there’s a limited amount of time to set up a whole new world. The season premiere hinted at some crazy stories and promised an orgy of sex and blood and this episode felt the need to extend […]

Review: SUPERNATURAL Season Ten

With Supernatural’s season nine cliffhanger splitting the show’s Winchester brothers and having Dean (Jensen Ackles) turned into a demon, season ten of the long-running TV show begins a lot like the first season began: with searching. Sam (Jared Padalecki) spends early episodes looking for his brother, getting kidnapped the vengeful Cole, angry at the face […]

Review: AQUARIUS, Season One

While there have been a decent amount of films, shows and literature devoted to the infamous crimes committed by Charles Manson and his “family” (a group of followers hauntingly devoted to him), it’s such a part of pop culture and true crime history, that as viewers, we’re continually wanting a fresh take on what happened, […]


The fifth and final season of AMC’s HELL ON WHEELS just had its debut this past Saturday , and thanks to the awesome gang at eOne entertainment, we’re giving away three Amazon giftcards, which can be used to purchase each episode as it comes out. Personally, I dig the show, with its gritty and highly entertaining […]