Brand New Affordable-Edition of TWILIGHT ZONE: SEASON FIVE Hitting Stores September 3rd!!

Image Entertainment has done quite the job bringing every season of THE TWILIGHT ZONE home to DVD, in some pretty awesome “affordable, episode-only” editions. Sadly, that’s coming to an end, as the fifth and final season of the classic TV series hits stores September 3rd. Season five features some of the best episodes, definitely one […]


There’s a certain feeling that comes along with reuniting with old friends, whether you knew them in person, or vicariously through a film or TV series. After a show has been cancelled, and those stories are forced to just live on via syndication or DVD Boxsets, there’s a bummer of a mood that comes with […]

REVIEW: Freddy’s Nightmares: A Nightmare on Elm Street The Series – Ep 3: “Killer Instinct”

Welcome back to another edition of Freddy’s Nightmares or: How I Learned to Write Weekly Reviews and Love The Show. Yes, this is first time in my writing career that I’ve dedicated to writing a recurring weekly review on a single program. Please hold your applause. In this case, the horror anthology that is Freddy’s […]