DVD Review: DEADBEAT: Season One

Good TV shows are hard to come by. Well, it used to be that way, but these days we’re given such great Television as Hannibal, True Detective, Penny Dreadful and so on, that it seems that we’re living in a great time for TV. With such dramatic shows kicking ass nonstop, the amount of genuinely […]

TV Review: FROM DUSK TILL DAWN: The Series (Episode Five: “SELF-CONTAINED”)

 *Editor’s note: these episode recaps contain many spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the episode yet, we suggest watching it first After an intense shootout and having taken the Fuller family hostage, The Gecko brothers head towards the border in “Self-Contained“, the fifth episode of FROM DUSK TILL DAWN: The Series. An episode mostly contained […]


*SPOILERS AHEAD!* Following three previous episodes full of some solid storytelling, FROM DUSK TILL DAWN: The Series starts its fourth episode, “Let’s Get Ramblin’” with Freddie heading towards the border, the Gecko brothers covering up the mutilated body of the bank teller, and a short flashback involving Jacob, preaching to his former congregation. Present day, […]

TV Review: THE TWILIGHT ZONE “Person Or Persons Unknown”

The fine folks over at Image Entertainment were nice enough to send us the newly released affordable edition of THE TWILIGHT ZONE: SEASON THREE, and like the first two seasons of the classic TV show, season three is as solid as it gets. While most of the episodes are just as awesome, I thought I’d […]

TV Review: THE TWILIGHT ZONE “The Man in the Bottle”

The good folks at Image Entertainment sent us the brand new affordable “episode only” edition of The Twilight Zone: Season Two, and I’m not going to lie, I’ve been been binge watching the show. I loved it as a kid, and it’s been a blast revisiting the show. I thought we’d take a look at […]