Ash Gets A Crew in Brand new ASH VS. EVIL DEAD Featurette

Full disclosure: I was more than skeptical when the original announcement of ASH VS. EVIL DEAD hit computers everywhere. The first film in the EVIL DEAD series is one I hold high with great esteem, and as much as I dig EVIL DEAD 2, the approach to go silly with that one and ESPECIALLY in […]

THE TWILIGHT ZONE: Complete ’80s Series Heading To DVD August 26th!!

RLJ/Image Entertainment is getting prepared to make fans ecstatic, when they unleash THE TWILIGHT ZONE: THE COMPLETE ’80s SERIES onto DVD next week (August 26th). The updated take on Rod Serling’s classic and beloved series lasted three seasons, from 1985 to 1989 and showcased episodes like two of my favorites, the heartbreaking William Sanderson (BLADE RUNNER, SOMETIMES […]

THE TWILIGHT ZONE: Essential Episodes, 55th Anniversary Edition Heading to DVD In July!

Image Entertainment/RLJ has definitely done their share of giving fans everything TWILIGHT ZONE under the sun, with individual seasons, complete series boxsets, and coming to DVD this July 1st, a 55th Anniversary edition of THE TWILIGHT ZONE: ESSENTIAL EPISODES. Boasting a 2-disc, 17-episode set, ESSENTIAL EPISODES gives fans of the Rod Serling-led show the majority […]

FEARnet Gives Viewers a Hell of a Lineup in June!!

Already bringing horror fans a couple of awesome shows this June (including the REAPER Reunion Special, as well as the season premiere of HOLLISTON, FEARnet has now announced their June lineup, which looks like a hell of a good time. What do you fright fiends think? “FEARnet is turning up the heat this summer, with […]

FEARnet Offers up Some Killer Entertainment In May!!

The folks at FEARnet have some treats in store for viewers this May, when they premiere multiple films that haven’t been shown on networks before, including the bloody masterpiece, BATTLE ROYALE, completely uncut!! Read on! FEARnet starts the summer off right, serving up a slew of premieres, stunts and marathons headlined by the World Television […]

First Trailer for NBC’s HANNIBAL TV Series!

Entertainment Weekly has premiered the debut trailer for showrunner Bryan Fuller (PUSHING DAISES, MOCKINGBIRD LANE)’s upcoming HANNIBAL, a TV series based on by far one of the most notorious fictional serial killers of all time. Color me anxious, as it’s looking pretty interesting, with VALHALLA RISING & CASINO ROYALE star Mads Mikkelsen taking over the […]