TRANCERS Fans Rejoice! Charles Band’s Sci-Fi Cult Classic Heading to Bluray This July!!

Say what you will about Charles Band and his Full Moon Entertainment company, but I’m a fan. Even more so, I’m a pretty intense fan of his 1985 sci-fi action film, TRANCERS, a film I hold very close to my heart. While some fans might have been less than excited about the most recent DVD […]

Jerry’s Best of Empire International Pictures!!

Hey everyone. I was relaxing last night, enjoying Scream Factory’s great release of Ted Nicolaou’s 1986 monster film TERRORVISON, when I thought that it would be fun to go over my five favorite films that Charles Band’s Empire International Pictures had released during their very impressive run. Sure, they went on to form Full Moon […]


What do you get when you cross BLADE RUNNER, THE TERMINATOR and Charles Band? The answer to that age old question is an easy one: 1985’s scifi epic TRANCERS. Ok, maybe it’s not an age old question, and maybe epic is a strong word for it, but’s pretty awesome. TRANCERS is a movie I […]