Icons of Fright Talks Tattoos and Gore With ANARCHY PARLOR’s Directors Gage & Downs!

You might have caught our review of ANARCHY PARLOR, a gory as hell film about a group of vacationers that happen to cross paths with “The Artist”, a man who might seem like just another tattoo artist, but has something far more sinister in mind for the group. If you’re one of the more squeamish […]


Every so often, a new sub-category of fright film comes along that takes the horror community by surprise, generated by a one film with a simple idea, capturing it onto celluloid, and delivering it to a mass audience. When that one film that starts a revolution and re-vitalizes interest in the genre his it big, […]

Trailers Drops for German True Crime-Inspired Film NOTHING BAD CAN HAPPEN

Last year’s Fantastic Fest showcased so many awesome genre films, including everything from Ti West’s latest THE SACRAMENT, to even a couple of special secret showings of both Eli Roth’s THE GREEN INFERNO and Alfonso Cuarón’s epic sci-fi film GRAVITY. A film that definitely stood out at the festival was the very intense and extremely well […]