Is This The End Of The PSYCHO House & The Bates Motel? Not Quite.

While on my lunch break from work today, I jumped on-line to do my usual social network site surfing and caught a flurry of posts claiming that the legendary PSYCHO house and neighboring Bates Motel on the Universal Studios Hollywood backlot were facing potential demolition. Could it be? After all these years, is Universal finally […]

Clip Round-up! EVIL DEAD 2 Blu-Ray!

We know, we know. You (like us) already own 7 different versions of Sam Raimi’s classic cult sequel EVIL DEAD 2 since Anchor Bay milked that license for as much as it was possibly worth. But as soon as Lionsgate got their hands on the property, they announced their own version of EVIL DEAD 2 […]


Tony Masi started out by making a fan related website called the Myers Museum to practice his web designing skills & showcase his Halloween poster collection. Before he knew it, the Myers Museum became one of the most visited sites by Michael Myers fans everywhere & hosted one of the first Halloween message boards. Fans […]