THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT Score Comes Home To Vinyl From One Way Static Records!

Cult film scores on vinyl are having a major reissuing renaissance at the moment thanks to labels such as Death Waltz Records, Mondo, and Waxwork Records, and now you can add one more to the mix: One Way Static Records! Based out of Belgium, One Way Static is making the late David Hess’ score he […]

Movie Review: THE MOORING!!

*Editor’s note: We’d like to officially welcome Norberto Aguiar to the ICONS OF FRIGHT team! Here is his first review. * Every 40 seconds a person goes missing. Could you function if your cellphone was taking from you? No texting. No facebook. No talking on the phone. Not being available for anyone to get a […]


Sorry about the delay folks, this holiday week has killed me. With that being said, EXPLOITATION ALLEY!! is back, and this week I thought I’d focus on one of my ten favorite films of all time, Wes Craven’s awesome 1972 debut, THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT. While I’m sure about 99% of you readers […]