FRIGHT AT HOME – October 13th, 2015

This is an interesting week for horror releases, and we’ve thought we’d shine some light on a few stand out titles that are hitting shelves, physically or digitally. This week sees found footage films about doomed high school plays, big boxsets of fan favorite TV series, a few non-genre films hitting Bluray for the first […]

Bluray Review: THE GALLOWS

There are very specific ingredients that make a good found footage-like film enjoyable. A good story, solid style and likable characters. If a film has those elements, it’s easier to soldier through shaky cameras, a few silly choices and the insistence of continually filming, despite the worst of situations. Unfortunately, Chris Lofing & Travis Cluff’s […]

“Good Luck is Bad Luck” and the Theatrical Superstitions of ‘THE GALLOWS’

The first time I performed on stage, I was cast as a lead in a baseball musical in the first grade. The rest of the cast was comprised of 3rd graders who were FURIOUS that a first grader was given a lead, but I apparently didn’t suck and I nabbed a starring role. My parents […]