Scream Factory has done it again with their recent BLURAY/DVD release of THE BURNING. Never disappointing, the team has taken the time to load the Bluray/DVD with enough special features, new and old, to please the most diehard fan of the ’80s slasher classic. Read on! The Movie: For a more in depth review of […]

Scream Factory Set to Release THE BURNING and THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN onto Dvd/Bluray!!

Scream Factory, who has continually killed it with their releases over the last year, are set to release two horror gems on May 21st, THE BURINING and THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN. We have the complete details for both for you, and trust me, they’re two that you definitely need to pick up. THE BURNING […]


This week we’re taking a break from my usual barrage of Satanic cult and/or biker movies and instead jumping into one of my favorite genres: the slasher film, and a movie that in my opinion is a great example of a well-executed, cleverly written and acted movie in that genre: 1981’s THE BURNING. While I […]

Rejoice! Scream Factory Reveals Major Blu-Ray Lineup for 2013!

The wait is over! Scream Factory for the win yet again! The gang from Shout Factory is currently at the Horrorhound Weekend in Indianapolis and as promised, they’ve made a big announcement of 6 (!) titles we can expect from them in 2013, most of which are making their Blu-Ray debuts. Special features from the original […]