Scream Factory/IFC Midnight Gets Psychological and Creepy with June Bluray/DVD release of THE ABANDONED

I tend to really enjoy the majority of the films that are released through the Scream Factory/IFC Midnight partnership. Sure the Scream Factory releases alone are worthy of fanaticism, but it’s just as fun to get up and coming indie horror films to check out as well. Case in point: The June 7th Bluray/DVD release […]

IFC Midnight Sends THE ABANDONED to NY, LA and VOD This January!

Eytan Rockaway’s directorial debut, THE ABANDONED (previously titled THE CONFINES), is a film that has been on our radars for a while, with the Psychological thriller sounding like a mind-trip of an experience. I’ve always been a huge fan of films that give you a protagonist who doesn’t have everything put together and watching their […]