Creepy “Detention” Teaser Rises For AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN!

October 9th marks the return of the seriously loopy anthology series, AMERICAN HORROR STORY. Titled COVEN for Season 3; an extremely brief teaser has been released that gives us a creepy glimpse of the craziness we’re in store for. These teaser’s are always incredible, but Lauren O’Connel’s haunting cover of “House of the Rising Sun” […]

Lionsgate Unleashes The Animals In YOU’RE NEXT Teaser Poster!

UPDATE: We’ve added high-res of all three teaser posters for YOU’RE NEXT below! Finally, after two years since it’s premiere & acquisition at the Toronto International Film Festival, Lionsgate is ramping up their marketing for Adam Wingard’s YOU’RE NEXT! Shock Till You Drop, Bloody Disgusting, & Collider were each given exclusive posters, asking “Did You […]

New S-VHS Trailer Debuts Before Its Sundance Premiere!

With its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival approaching rapidly, the team behind last years’ festival hit have released a teaser trailer for it’s sequel, S-VHS! Until we get an official embed, you’ll have to head over to Entertainment Weekly for the exclusive look. We’ll be sure to update once word hits after the […]

October Is The New Date CARRIE Will Unleash Her Rage!

For unknown reasons, Sony’s reboot of CARRIE has been moved from it’s Spring debut, to an October 18th release date. I’m guessing the reason for the bump is due to Sony wanting to spread their highly anticipated horror’s apart from each other (the other being EVIL DEAD, which opens April 12th), for marketing and revenue […]