Horror fans have been dying for a good HD release of TALES FROM THE CRYPT PRESENTS: DEMON KNIGHT for quite some time, and thanks to gang at Scream Factory, we not only have just that, but a special edition Bluray of release of BORDELLO OF BLOOD as well. Both releases feature brand new commentaries, as […]

Scream Factory Unleashes Killer Artwork/Order Info For Upcoming DEMON KNIGHT/BORDELLO OF BLOOD Blurays

Two Scream Factory titles that we’re all incredibly excited for, are the one-two punch releases of Tales From The Crypt‘s DEMON KNIGHT and BORDELLO OF BLOOD. DEMON KNIGHT is in my opinion, one of the most underrated horror films ever, and it’s a film that gets even better with age (I’m not saying it wasn’t […]


Making their Bluray debut here in the U.S., Amicus Films’ film adaptions of TALES FROM THE CRYPT and VAULT OF HORROR scores well, courtesy of Scream Factory. The two anthology films,featuring excellent short stories pulled right from the classic E.C. Comics, look better than ever, and in the case of VAULT OF HORROR, offers viewers three […]

Classic Anthologies TALES FROM THE CRYPT/VAULT OF HORROR Get Scream Factory Bluray Treatment This December

Fans of the classic British anthology film adaptions of E.C. Comics’ TALES FROM THE CRYPT and VAULT OF HORROR can rejoice, as they both are set to make their Bluray debut (U.S. debut, just to clarify, thanks to comments that are oh so friendly and not condescending at all) , as a double feature this December […]

Icons of Fright Interview With FRIGHT RAGS’ Ben Scrivens!!

Mention Fright Rags to any horror fan, and chances are they not only know what you’re talking about, but if you check their closet, it’s more than likely that it’s probably full of the awesome t-shirts that the gang at FR have put out over the last few years. The amount of time put into […]

Scream Factory Announces Handful of Upcoming Titles Featuring Vampires, Spader and Punks!

As if we weren’t excited enough about Scream Factory‘s upcoming lineup of titles making their Bluray debuts, the gang at SF have decided to make horror fans’ mouths water even more, with a handful of announcements regarding even MORE upcoming titles set to be unleashed in the near future. Not only do we get an […]

Fright Rags and EC Comics Team Up For Trio Of Limited Edition EC Shirts; Limited Boxset Available As Well

Being a horror fan, it’s almost impossible NOT to be a fan of Fright Rags. Releasing shirts for everything from SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT to HATCHET, Ben Scrivens and the gang have given fans many qualities horror t-shirts that so many of us wear very proudly. Already having made a hugely positive reputation for given […]

A Look Back At: DEMON KNIGHT!!

The first three months of 1995 kept me broke and my wallet empty. Living outside of California for the first time in my life, I lived with my mother in Albany, Oregon, where I wasn’t very popular and spent the majority of my time listening to Nine Inch Nails and playing Donkey Kong Country. I […]