Fright Rags Goes All Out For Limited Edition HALLOWEEN & HALLOWEEN 4 Tees!

It’s official: 2013 will go down as having the best Halloween season in years. Here’s a few examples as to why. Exhibit 1: Monster Cereal’s FRUTE BRUTE and FRUITY YUMMY MUMMY are returning. Exhibit 2: John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN is coming to Blu-ray with a new transfer and bonus features. Exhibit 3: Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights […]

Limited Collector’s Edition Tarman Mask & Tees Coming From Fright Rags!

“Brainssssssss!” Ever since the gooey reanimated corpse dubbed Tarman stumbled out of that Trioxin canister and into our hearts (and brains!), he’s become one of cinema’s most iconic zombies. Dan O’Bannon’s RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD is one of the most seminal horror/comedies’ of all time, and Fright Rags is once again releasing an insane […]