Review: SUPERNATURAL Season Ten

With Supernatural’s season nine cliffhanger splitting the show’s Winchester brothers and having Dean (Jensen Ackles) turned into a demon, season ten of the long-running TV show begins a lot like the first season began: with searching. Sam (Jared Padalecki) spends early episodes looking for his brother, getting kidnapped the vengeful Cole, angry at the face […]

Grindhouse Releasing Giving Fulci’s THE BEYOND Deluxe Edition Blu-ray In 2015!

Grindhouse Releasing, the Criterion of horror/cult releases started by Oscar winning editor Bob Murawski and the late Sage Stallone, are prepping a Blu-ray of Lucio Fulci’s masterpiece THE BEYOND! Bursting through the gates of hell on February 10th, 2015, this deluxe edition will be sporting 3-discs of TBA goodies, but this is Grindhouse we’re talking […]


Hitting like a juggernaut of supernatural horror, the Venezuelan Alejandro Hidalgo’s beautiful and  haunting film, THE HOUSE AT THE END OF TIME (or LA CASA DEL FIN LOS TIEMPOS) falls to the ground and begins to take off from the very first frame, putting viewers right in the middle of one hell of an opening.Opening right […]

U.S. & International Trailer Premiere For Scott Derrickson’s DELIVER US FROM EVIL!

There’s no denying that SINISTER was an impressively scary film, and hopefully like us you were eagerly anticipating what director Scott Derrickson was working on next. Luckily, Derrickson (who also helmed THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE) wasted no time in getting back behind the camera for his latest,the non-fiction based DELIVER US FROM EVIL. Inspired […]

Second OCULUS Trailer Hits & Delivers On The Scares!

Back in January the first trailer for OCULUS, Mike Flanagan’s followup to ABSENTIA, hit and it left quite an impression. With it’s premiere at SXSW this weekend a new trailer has debuted, fleshing out a bit more story and chilling scares. The glowing eyes in the dark, biting into a light bulb; we’re certainly looking […]

New Horror Film OCULUS Wants You To Stare Into The Mirror!

I love under-the-radar trailer drops, especially when they’re downright good ‘n creepy! That’s exactly the vibe Mike Flanagan’s OCULUS gives off in this extremely stylish teaser for his latest film, a supernatural-horror that played to much acclaim last year at the Toronto International Film Festival. After a bit of studio hopping, OCULUS has landed at […]

Hammer’s New Film THE QUIET ONES Experiments With The Supernatural!

Hammer has slowed down a bit since their resurrection, but 2014 has three films coming from the legendary studio, including GASLIGHT (a drama/thriller that teams Jack The Ripper with Scotland Yard), a sequel to THE WOMAN IN BLACK titled ANGEL OF DEATH, and THE QUIET ONES! Supernatural investigations may seem to have been mined for […]

Spinoff PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE MARKED ONES Expands Mythology In Debut Trailer!

Some of you may be happy that Paramount & Blumhouse are making 2013 PARANORMAL ACTIVITY-less, but fear not, 2014 is loaded with not one, but two sequels to the current horror franchise. Before PARANORMAL 5 reclaims it’s seasonal release date, kicking off the new year is PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE MARKED ONES (formerly titled THE OXNARD […]