Supernatural Thriller THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR Hits Digital HD Tomorrow; We’ve got A Digital Copy to Give out!

20th Century Fox is unleashing the supernatural shocker THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR onto Bluray/DVD on June 7th, but thanks to the fine folks over at Fox and Think Jam, we’ve got a Digital HD copy of the Jeremy Sisto & Sarah Wayne Callies-led thriller all ready to give out to one of you readers. […]

Disappearing Kids and A Frightful Premise Fill up WHO IS THE ICE CREAM MAN Kickstarter Campaign!

Every city has at least one creepy ice cream man, someone who looks like they should be behind bars, as opposed to serving up fudge bars. Sure, there are some nice ones, but that one creepy guy: he’s driving around, looking like a creeper.It’s with that mindset that filmmaker Jason A. Wallace (THE FULL WALRUS) is […]

Scream Factory Sends Supernatural John McTiernan Chiller NOMADS To Bluray This August!!

This is good news indeed! Word broke today that Scream Factory, who is doing an excellent job at kicking ass and taking names, is delivering John McTiernan’s 1986 chiller NOMADS to genre fans, when it hits Bluray on August 18th. Personally, I’m a fan of this Pierce Brosnan-led demonic gem, and I can’t wait to […]