APPLESAUCE Director Onur Tukel Talks Influences, Approaches and The Desire to fall in love With Cinema Again

Onur Tukel is easily one of the most unique filmmakers working today. His style, the way he approaches various topics (genre or not) and turns them on their head, he has such a talent for giving film lovers something different. Whether it’s 2014’s S.O.B. (SUMMER OF BLOOD) and its taking on the vampire subgenre and […]

Trailer Debut for Onur Tukel Horror/Comedy APPLESAUCE; Hitting VOD/EST November 24

It’s no secret that we at Icons of Fright absolutely love director Onur Tukel’s films, especially last year’s S.O.B. (SUMMER OF BLOOD) and the forthcoming APPLESAUCE (review). Tukel has a real talent for making films that have razor sharp dialogue and are as sarcastically dry as a desert, just the type of horror/comedy hybrids that […]

Tribeca Review: APPLESAUCE

Bypassing the sarcastic vampire approach of last year’s SUMMER OF BLOOD (S.O.B.) for a film revolving around severed body parts and infidelity, director Onur Tukel returns with APPLESAUCE, a film that not only supplies enough laughs and awkward moments to fill an Andy Kaufman special, but also raises the question of whether or not sins of […]