Noel Clarke is a jack of all trades, having written, starred in and produced MAGNET RELEASING‘s new creature feature, STORAGE 24 (REVIEW). among many other projects past and present that he’s worn many hats on, including a long run as Mickey in the BBC sci-fi phenomenon DOCTOR WHO. Noel was nice enough to spend a […]

Movie Review: STORAGE 24!!

I love monster movies. They have a power to them, to serve as a means to push characters into action and into facing things they wouldn’t normally face, whether it be the obvious danger from said monster, or the internal conflicts that they normally wouldn’t have the courage to address. That’s what made 2008’s CLOVERFIELD […]

STORAGE 24 Sinks its Claws into DVD/BLURAY This March!!

A film that we’ve all been hearing some good buzz about, is Johannes Roberts’ STORAGE 24. Luckily, the wait to see the film won’t be long, with the news that it’s coming onto DVD and BLURAY on March 12th VIA MAGNET RELEASING. Magnet and its parent studio MAGNOLIA have both had a recent hit streak […]

Trailer For UK Creature Feature STORAGE 24 Makes Contact!

Magnet is set to release this UK creature feature titled STORAGE 24 onto VOD today, December 6th, with a limited theatrical engagement starting January 11th. Check out the trailer below, which looks to be a bloody, monster filled time! Synopsis: “London is in chaos. A military cargo plane has crashed leaving its highly classified contents […]