Icons of Fright Q&A With IT FOLLOWS Composer Disasterpeace

Ask most horror fans what the soundtrack of the year is, and more than likely, you’ll get Disasterpeace’s soundtrack for David Robert Mitchell’s acclaimed film IT FOLLOWS. A soundtrack so involved in the film, that it feels like another character, a piece of music that makes the film that much more effective. We had a […]

Instrumental Horror Mastermind Sam Haynes Offers FREE Download Of Christmas-Themed Horror Music!

In October, we reviews the most recent release from Sam Haynes (here), U.K.’s horror mastermind. Having a great knack from creating terrifying, ambient landscapes perfect for haunted houses, background writing music and/or just terrifying the hell out of your kids, Haynes took to Twitter this afternoon, giving fans an announcement that he’s offering up a […]

Full Moon Launches “FULL MOON TUNES”; Large Library of Rare Soundtracks!

Anybody who knows me is already privy to the fact that I am a Full Moon fanatic. Everything from the Empire days to the recent output, I’m a massive fan of Charles Band’s always entertaining lineup of films, so this new announcement has me (and hopefully you) smiling from ear to ear. Always one to […]

Spacelab9 Set To Release Limited “Violent Violet” Pressing of THE WALKING DEAD, Vol.1 Soundtrack; Limited to 400!

Known for releasing limited vinyl runs of some killer soundtracks (this year’s BREAKING BAD release was quite awesome), Spacelab9 instantly sold out of their first run of The Walking Dead, Volume one vinyl, leading them to now release a very limited “violent violet” variant second pressing, this time completely limited to 400 copies and only available […]


Last month, we thought it would be fun to reach out to a few of our friends in the genre, in order to bring you readers an article all about our favorite horror scores. The reception and the contributions exceeded our expectations, so when it was mentioned that “you should do a sequel to that article”, […]

Waxwork Records Bringing RE-ANIMATOR Score To Life On Vinyl!

“Cat dead; details….NOW!” New label Waxwork Records is new on the vinyl releasing scene, and they’ve got one hell of a debut record planned for release: Stuart Gordon’s 1985 classic RE-ANIMATOR! Richard Band’s pulsing score will be pressed on 180 gram “Re-Animator” green vinyl (with a limited, randomly inserted glow-in-the-dark variant!), with glorious sleeve, cover, […]