Review: STAGE FRIGHT (2014)

The “horror musical” concept is a bit of an oddity in cinema history. Surely, everyone is aware of the most popular grandaddy of them all, THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, or Brian DePalma’s underrated classic (that came one year prior in 1974), THE PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE, which has found a new appreciation in later […]


Holy moly, this Exploitation Alley article is long overdue, as it’s been a month since the last one (sorry!). In anticipation of Franck Khalfoun’s MANIAC remake coming out next month, I thought that I would revisit the original 1980 film and spend some time on it. So hold onto your scalps, and watch out for […]

Scream Factory’s Blu-ray Cover For Cannon Slashers X-RAY & SCHIZOID!

Scream Factory continues their onslaught of cult releases with a Blu-ray double feature of Cannon Films’ slashers X-RAY (aka HOSPITAL MASSACRE) and the Klaus Kinski SCHIZOID! Both are making their stateside digital debut on Blu-ray and DVD! X-RAY will be the full uncut version, which should please fans who’ve long held on to their VHS […]