In a day and age where having a camera gives just about anybody free reign to go out and make a short (or feature), it’s rare to see a film possess such skill, precision and cinematic quality as Nikhil Bhagat’s AS THEY CONTINUE TO FALL. Written by SINISTER/DOCTOR STRANGE‘s C. Scott Cargill, the film goes […]

Short Film Review: 3 SECONDS

*Editor’s note – Jay Kay, head honcho over at did us a solid and took a look at 3 SECONDS, a short film directed by Alex J. Mann and focused on the ever so lovely Snapchat. As always, thanks Jay!-Jerry The use of technology with smart phones, mobile devices, webcams and snapchat has been come […]

Short Film Roundup Reviews: HEAD & INTRODUCING PARKER DOWD

I love short films. Don’t get me wrong, there’s an infinite amount of things to love about features as well, but I’m in love with the idea of having to tell a story and invoke emotions and tone within a small amount of time, it impresses me very much and for each of our Short […]


We love to watch short films, some of which are directed by some of our favorite directors. Having already loved Izzy Lee’s INNSMOUTH, we were incredibly excited when Izzy sent us A FAVOR and POSTPARTUM, two more short films that she helmed, both of which have their own unique vibe to them. Adding to the already […]

DEATHAUS FILMS releases teaser to Pandie Suicide-led BLOOD BATH short

While its Indiegogo campaign is in full effect, the Eric Boccio-helmed short film, BLOOD BATH, has released a 20-second teaser that shows quite a bit of blood, as well as putting the film’s Writer/Producer/Actress, Pandie Suicide, right in the middle of it all. Boccio/Suicide previously collaborated on the award winning short MASSACRE, which saw Pandie starring […]

Icons of Fright’s own Graham Denman gives you the frightening MILK AND COOKIES Short!!

Here at Icons of Fright, we all love Graham Denman. A former contributor to Icon, Graham has went on to give one hell of a performance in THE DIVINE TRAGEDIES, directed the award winning short film, HOUSE CALL and even came up with the story for Eric England’s upcoming film GET THE GIRL. An accomplished […]

Syncopy/Zeitgeist Films set to release THE QUAY BROTHERS: COLLECTED SHORT FILMS Bluray This November; Features Christopher Nolan’s QUAY short

This is one we’re definitely excited about. Syncopy, the production company founded by filmmakers Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas, has joined up with Zeitgeist Films to release THE QUAY BROTHERS: COLLECTED SHORT FILMS, a brand new Bluray set featuring the works of Stephen and Timothy Quay (The Quay Brothers). The brothers’ dark stop-motion short films have […]


Watching filmmakers adapt the works of H.P. Lovecraft is always a good thing in my book, and with films like RE-ANIMATOR, FROM BEYOND, and even entries that may not be straight from the source but more of an homage (see Carpenter’s IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS), you can tell that Lovecraft’s influence is prevalent and definitely […]