The Five Best Films starring After Dark’s “Scream Queen To Die For”: Haley Jay Madison

On October 9th, After Dark Films kicked off their popular 8 Films To Die For series with a party of epic proportions. The main event was the crowning of their newest spokesmodel, or the After Dark Films’ “Scream Queen To Die For” competition. Over the past month or so, contestants have submitted videos vying for […]

Fright Exclusive Interview with Scream Queen/HATCHET III Star DANIELLE HARRIS!!

Fans of horror films can all agree on one thing, we love us some Danielle Harris. We all adored her in HALLOWEEN 4 and 5, and she continues to charm us in her recent role as Mary Beth in HATCHET II and III. We were lucky enough to chat with Danielle regarding HATCHET III(out August […]

Fright Exclusive Interview with Scream Queen BARBARA CRAMPTON!!

Genre fans adore Barbara Crampton, and well, to be honest, how could they not? Her roles in REANIMATOR and FROM BEYOND alone are worthy of being labeled a scream queen, not to mention the countless other great roles in films like CHOPPING MALL, CASTLE FREAK and BODY DOUBLE. Barbara’s always given off such a likable […]