Bluray Review: THE LEGACY

There are very few eras in horror history that rival my love for the horror filled ’70s. Everything from THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, DEVIL’S RAIN, RACE WITH THE DEVIL…I could go on forever about my love for all things horror that made the ’70s easily the best decade of all […]

DEXTER’s Jennifer Carpenter Involved In Satanic Devout Cult Film THE DEVIL’S HAND; Trailer Online

With DEXTER fans still feeling the sting of that finale (WHY GOD WHY?!!), fans of Jennifer Carpenter can now rejoice, as the debut trailer for Christian E. Christiansen’s THE DEVIL’S HAND (hitting VOD/theaters on Oct.10th) has finally hit. Written by MR. JONES director Karl Mueller, the film revolves around a devout village of religious fanatics who believe that […]