Brand New Edition of THE TWILIGHT ZONE: SEASON TWO Heads to DVD This Tuesday (June 4th)!!

I don’t know about you fright fiends, but growing up, THE TWILIGHT ZONE was a regular staple in the Smith household. I loved to sit in front of the Television and be scared, excited and downright enthralled with every episode that came on, and I can’t think of another similar-format series that has been as […]

Re-Enter THE TWILIGHT ZONE With New TV Reboot!

The legendary anthology series THE TWILIGHT ZONE is making a return to television under the direction of Bryan Singer, who did something similar this year with The Munsters reboot Mockingbird Lane. Let’s hope his re-brandishing of THE TWILIGHT ZONE makes it past the pilot stage, and becomes a worthy successor to the brilliant 1959 incarnation. […]