Cults, Scares and Richard Riehle Fill Up THE SECRET VILLAGE Trailer!

I love horror films involving cults. There’s something about a group of hooded figures giving the man downstairs some attention than just strikes my fancy. Swamy M. Kandan’s new film THE SECRET VILLAGE looks to have just those right elements, and well, if a cult isn’t enough…there’s Richard Riehle (HATCHET, TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D, OFFICE SPACE). […]

Leatherface Returns! 1st Image From TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D!

So we’re a few days late on this (apologies in advance), but as a huge fan of the original 3 TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE movies, I’ll take any opportunity I can get to talk about the Sawyers! And thankfully, the upcoming TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D brings the story of the crazy cannibalistic family back to Tobe Hooper’s […]

Leatherface Returns In This TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D Poster!

Now that the Platinum Dunes gang no longer has the official rights to ruin… errr… we mean make anymore TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE films using the “Hewitt” family, the rights are now in the hands of the fine folks at Lionsgate, the studio that Jigsaw helped build over the course of the last decade with seven […]