Fantasia Review: LIFE AFTER BETH

There’s something about the whole idea of zombies and people returning from the dead that used to strike fear into horror fans. Films like NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, ZOMBI, and various others were able to make their viewers genuinely affected and frightened. Somewhere in the last half decade or so, there was a shift, […]

Review: DELIRIUM Issues #1 and #2

Living in a world where any information regarding all things genre is readily available at our fingertips can be great. However, there is something special about holding, opening, and reading an actual magazine. It takes you back to the days of your youth, where you couldn’t wait to get your hands on every magazine that you could possibly […]

Exploitation Alley: INVASION OF THE BEE GIRLS!!

  I am not over exaggerating when I say that the first words out of my mouth immediately following my viewing of this EXPLOITATION ALLEY film was “Wtf did I just watch?! No, really…what was this?!” I found myself trying to process what I had just seen, and trying to make some sense out of […]

TV Review: FROM DUSK TILL DAWN (Episode 1)

    I’ll just come right out and say it: when it was announced that Robert Rodriguez was planning on turning his film FROM DUSK TILL DAWN into a TV series for his new El Rey cable network, I was about as excited for it as I would be for someone to shoot me in […]

Exploitation Alley: SWITCHBLADE SISTERS!!

It all started one afternoon, when I decided to spend one dollar on a random VHS tape at a video store sidewalk sale. I was interested in the title. It didn’t have a cover, but it sounded cool so I bought it anyway. To this day I still believe it was the greatest purchase ever. […]