To say Nicolas Winding Refn’s latest tour de force, THE NEON DEMON, is a masterpiece would be an understatement.  In between the exquisite neon colors, the impressive cinematography, and a score one would die to have, this film is a raw look at how the LA lifestlye, zeroed in on the modeling industry, can erase […]


In 1996, the British Music Industry accumulated a record number of sales. Like the Yuppies in the 80s on Wall Street, making their greed known far and wide, the music moguls of the UK during the 90s were just as slick, heartless, and dangerously ambitious. Fierce competitions erupted between the music labels, managers, and everyone […]

Bluray Review: GHOST STORY

When it comes to either cult-favorites or long lost horror films being released on Bluray for the first time, very few companies show their love for the genre as much as Scream Factory does. Whether it be fan-favorites like HALLOWEEN: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION boxset, TV horror double features such as THE INITIATION OF SARAH & ARE YOU […]

Review: I AM THOR

There’s certainly a large amount of pain and suffering that comes along with trying to fulfill your dreams. The blood, sweat, tears and toll on an individual is often overlooked and that’s an unfortunate fact. Some people face the hardships that come with territory and throw in the towel, and some endure and keep it […]


A fair warning to readers: While I will not ruin anything by spoiling the surprises of THE GHOST DIMENSION, in order to properly write about it, the events of the previous five movies will be discussed, so if you haven’t seen the others, I recommend you stop here as this is a full on piece […]


Vampires are a hot commodity within the young adult demographic, thanks to the huge success of TWILIGHT and THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. They often use a romanticized image of the mythology and create a world where doomed lovers must fight against the odds, but love is stronger than any force. Not sure how well that goes […]

TV Review: AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL, Episode One “Checking In”

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL Episode 1: “Checking In” I was in high school when the world went in an uproar over Janet Jackson’s nipple on the Superbowl and networks were under plenty of pressure when it came to censorship.The annual event has since aimed for some more safe alternatives, but that hunger to just provide […]

“Good Luck is Bad Luck” and the Theatrical Superstitions of ‘THE GALLOWS’

The first time I performed on stage, I was cast as a lead in a baseball musical in the first grade. The rest of the cast was comprised of 3rd graders who were FURIOUS that a first grader was given a lead, but I apparently didn’t suck and I nabbed a starring role. My parents […]