Review: VANISH

It’s a very satisfactory feeling to come across films these days that are concerned with not only being entertaining, but a lot of FUN. Films that are not only throwbacks to the exploitation films of the old days, but are also able to recapture that feeling of bloody and hilariously  fun genre films (another one […]


Well folks, after being sick for going on two weeks now, I’m baaaaaaaack with another round of EXPLOITATION ALLEY!! This week’s movie is a classic revenge film starring by far one of the most badass human beings of all time: Charles effin Bronson. Yes, folks, I am talking about the great, often imitated but never […]

Movie Review: SUSHI GIRL!!!

There’s something about well-done ensemble movies that brings a smile to my face. Instead of relying on a single actor or two to carry the film, the filmmakers involved trust in a group to all bring their respective performances together, into a coherently great movie. It fails sometimes, but every once in a while, you […]