In most horror films, a pretty good amount of characters suffer an inevitable demise due to the actions, or really bad luck of a single character. You know, the character you find yourself secretly wanting to slap,  thanks to their continual bad decisions, ones that end up ruining the life of those who are “lucky” enough to be associated […]

Classic Horror Trailers: RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD!

While Romero’s DAY OF THE DEAD sits firmly in place as my favorite zombie film of all time, it’s not necessarily the most fun you’ll have when wanting  something of a mix between horror and humor. The perfect film for that has been and will always be (in my opinion) Dan O’Bannon’s 1985 horror classic […]

Natty’s Five Funny Scenes In Serious Horror Films!

I am a huge fan of laughing at movies, and I love to be scared. However, when those two are combined into the same movie, results can be somewhat awkward. Although I am a huge fan of the whole “so bad it is funny and cool” aspect of cheesy horror films, it’s always weird when […]

Limited Collector’s Edition Tarman Mask & Tees Coming From Fright Rags!

“Brainssssssss!” Ever since the gooey reanimated corpse dubbed Tarman stumbled out of that Trioxin canister and into our hearts (and brains!), he’s become one of cinema’s most iconic zombies. Dan O’Bannon’s RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD is one of the most seminal horror/comedies’ of all time, and Fright Rags is once again releasing an insane […]