THE STRUGGLE OF SURVIVAL: Horror Films and Real Life Recovery

There’s a lot of dying in horror films.  A Lot of dying.  Even if there isn’t a single death in a horror movie, we can safely assume a great deal of the horror comes from the fear of dying.  For the most part, the comfort we feel as an audience member is either when our […]

Instagram Skulls & Slenderman: Why We Need To Stop Blaming Horror for Real Life Evil

I distinctly remember the first time I was ever exposed to horror, as it was one of the earliest memories I can ever recall. I was four years old and was supposed to be taking a nap. I never slept, so I crept out of my bedroom and snuck up on my mother who was […]

Do YOU Remember The Days of VCR HORRORS? You Turned Out Fine, Right?

Ha! This is kind of interesting to watch now in retrospect, and I stumbled upon it completely by accident as I was searching for old live videos of the band Vision Of Disorder. (Long Island, NY represent!) It’s an “expose” segment from the 80’s on 20/20 about “VCR HORRORS” and how kids were too obsessed […]