Bad Guys Gets Their Comeuppance In New Trailer/Poster For EVANGELINE!!

This one should be called “I SPIT ON YOUR CROW”, because judging from the poster and trailer for EVANGELINE, it really gives off the hybrid of a rape revenge film but with a dark and supernatural vibe. Personally, I’m all about revenge films, and this one looks like it bypasses all of the cliche-filled elements […]

Screamfest Review: JULIA

Making its U.S. debut at Screamfest, Matthew A. Brown’s dark thriller, JULIA is a force to be reckoned with. A film so visually and emotional resonant, that it transcends any boundaries or limitations that are typically placed on the type of genre that the film falls under. A rare gem, led by one brave and […]

“You just don’t understand it,” or Why I Love Rape-Revenge

After reading Jerry’s compelling article(here) about why he loves horror, I wanted to share something that people have been asking me about for the better part of a decade. Thanks brother, for inspiring me to be honest with not only my comrades, but with myself. There are moments in our lives when forms of media […]


I like not knowing exactly what I’m store for with a film. It’s always nice when you go into watching something with one idea of what kind of movie it will be and the film ends up being something completely different, which is definitely the case with Austin Chick (AUGUST, XX/XY) ‘s GIRLS AGAINST BOYS. […]


The previous Exploitation Alley films have been ones that I have either always loved or had casually seen/ liked and wanted to write about. Well, with this week’s movie I thought I would blindly just choose the first silly sounding film that Netflix recommended based on my usual tastes, and low and behold: 1974’s rape […]