What better way to celebrate Icons of Fright’s ten year anniversary, than with a barrage of our favorites?, whether they be lists of our favorite entries into the French horror genre, our favorite badasses, or like this one, the films that make up what is (in my opinion), the greatest horror films of all time. […]

Chucky Invades PSYCHO, DRAG ME TO HELL, THE PURGE, & More!


Alright, this is admittedly pretty fucking weird. But hey, Chucky’s back (and from what I hear in solid fashion) and Universal is excited, so let’s indulge them. They’ve superimposed the infamous killer Good Guy doll into their roster of classic and recent horror hits, all of which you can watch below. CURSE OF CHUCKY streets […]

BATES MOTEL To Re-Open For Season Two In 2014!


I flaked out of finishing Season 1 of BATES MOTEL (I’ll be fixing that soon thanks to the just released Blu-ray!), but what little I saw I extremely liked. Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore are perfectly cast as the iconic mother and son. Farmiga’s Norma finely straddles the line of seductive & deranged, and seeing […]

Check Into The BATES MOTEL Season 1 Blu-ray & DVD September 17th!

Norma & Norman Bates’ murderous exploits are coming home September 17th when BATES MOTEL hits DVD & Blu-ray! Icons editor-in-chief Jerry & I had started doing our TAG TEAM TV REVIEW for this first two episodes of the season (read those here & here), but we stopped and now we’re kicking ourselves because we’ve heard […]

BATES MOTEL’s Freddie Highmore Visits Original PSYCHO House in New Comic-Con Video!!

This weekend at San Diego’s Comic-Con International, A&E’s BATES MOTEL panel gave fans a few insights into season two (which begins filming very soon), along with treating fans new and old to a brand new video of Freddie Highmore (Norman) visiting the original PSYCHO house for the first time. The folks at A&E were nice […]

Mezco Set to Unleash PSYCHO Living Dead Dolls!!

Fans of both PSYCHO and Living Dead Dolls can rejoice, as Mezco is getting ready to unleash their new crossover collective figures this October. Having already released awesome collectible dolls for the HALLOWEEN, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, FRIDAY THE 13TH franchises, as well as original projects, the Living Dead Dolls have quickly made a name […]

BATES MOTEL Cast/Crew Check into San Diego Comic-Con!!

Studios are gearing up to hit San Diego’s Comic-Con hard this July, and A&E is definitely one of them. The cast and crew of its hit PSYCHO-based series, BATES MOTEL are all taking part in what we were told will be a “thought-provoking panel discussion” about show, on Saturday, July 20 from 10:00a -11:00a at […]

TAG TEAM TV REVIEW: BATES MOTEL – Episode 2 ” Nice Town You Picked, Norma…”

Justin: Welcome back Fright-fiends! Icons editor-in-chief Jerry and myself are checking into the BATES MOTEL again to tag team review the second episode in the series titled “Nice Town You Picked, Norma…” So, there is a lot going on in this episode. It introduces new characters, sets up quite a few side plots, and gets […]