Poster/Trailer/Release Date For Thomas Dekker-Helmed JACK GOES HOME Arrives; Hitting VOD/On-Demand This October!

Early last year, while promoting his role in FEAR CLINIC, actor Thomas Dekker mentioned to us that had been writing multiple screenplays and was set to direct one of them. Being a longtime fan of Dekker’s work as an actor, I was pretty anxious to hear more about his debut, and when the film, JACK […]

Get Up and Close With A Great White Shark in THE SHALLOWS Motion Poster!!

The panic-inducing second trailer for THE SHALLOWS left me with the shakes (I am absolutely terrified of the ocean), but I’m a glutton for  punishment, so I’ve been keeping up to date with the the Blake Lively-led film. Hitting theaters on June 24th via Sony, THE SHALLOWS follows a woman trapped on a small set […]

Rob Zombie Returns with Mayhem, Carnage and..Clowns?; Poster/Trailer for 31!!

Rob Zombie is at his very best when he’s tackling an original story. While I did (and still do) think that HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES was a little too much thrown at you all at once, and focused more on style than substance, when Zombie returned with its sequel THE DEVIL’S REJECTS, I was a […]

Icons of Fright EXCLUSIVE Alternate Mondo DARLING Poster; Gallery of Photos/Clips

Mickey Keating’s amazing descent into madness film, DARLING, is now playing in theaters and on VOD, and thought Mondo released a BEAUTIFUL limited print (a small run of 75), we were sent the exclusive look at an alternative Mondo poster for the film, which was also created by artist Jay Shaw. Trading in the black […]

Mondo set to unleash trio of Becky Cloonan HÄXAN Prints; Expected to Sell Out Quickly!

1922’s silent film HÄXAN is a classic, giving viewers a Satanic wild ride and rarely being topped by similar films. The folks at Mondo held a special screening of the Benjamin Christensen-helmed film at the Alama Drafthouse Ritz, and featuring a live score performance by music collective Wrekmeister Harmonies. Fans who weren’t able to attend the screening can […]

Devilworks Acquires International Distro Rights to Festival Favorite VALLEY OF THE SASQUATCH; New poster/Trailer Released

John Portanova’s creature feature drama, VALLEY OF THE SASQUATCH, was one of our favorite films of last year (review) and rightfully so, it’s pretty great. Bypassing typical scares and cliches typically found in Bigfoot films, Portanova went for a very character-driven genre drama, focusing on a broken relationship between a father and his son and […]

Carnage galore in new Teaser Poster for Rob Zombie’s 31; Film Makes its Debut At Sundance’s Midnight Selection

We’ve all been crazy excited for Rob Zombie’s upcoming hardcore horror film 31 to arrive, and it’s not only making its debut at this year’s Sundance Film Festival (Playing on January 23rd in the Midnight section), but we now have an awesome looking poster debut. The film, which deals with a group who are abducted and […]

IFC Midnight Sends THE ABANDONED to NY, LA and VOD This January!

Eytan Rockaway’s directorial debut, THE ABANDONED (previously titled THE CONFINES), is a film that has been on our radars for a while, with the Psychological thriller sounding like a mind-trip of an experience. I’ve always been a huge fan of films that give you a protagonist who doesn’t have everything put together and watching their […]