Things gets hot when LAVALANTULA Terrorizes DVD/VOD beginning November 3rd

Confession: all of us at Icons of Fright love Mike Mendez. A friend of the site and an overall great filmmaker, he’s able to jump from one type of genre film to a completely different kind, all while making every single film an entertaining and wild time. In between films like THE CONVENT, THE GRAVEDANCERS, […]

Shriekfest 2011 Movie Review – THE MOLE MAN OF BELMONT AVENUE

Written and Directed By: Mike Bradecich & John LaFlamboy Cast: Mike Bradecich, John LaFlamboy, Robert Englund, Tim Kazurinsky I like it when a movie proves me wrong. Only a few minutes into this movie, I was ready to write it off because I wanted something terrifying and this movie didn’t seem even remotely in the […]