Bluray Review: BLACK SAILS: The Complete First Season

Who would’ve thought that a show produced by Platinum Dunes about the ins and outs of the pirate life would be so great? When the Starz show BLACK SAILS was first announced, like many others, the first thought that came to mind for me was “um..nope”. Following that sentiment, the TV series based two decades before […]

FRIDAY THE 13TH Gains V/H/S and THE SIGNAL Director David Bruckner!

Now this is an unexpected, but excitingly inspired choice! We’ve known for some time now that Paramount has a set (i.e short) amount of time to produce more FRIDAY THE 13TH films, and have been fast-tracking a reboot with Platinum Dunes once again producing for March 15th, 2015. We’re now one step closer to seeing […]

THE PURGE: ANARCHY’s Teaser Trailer Lives Up To Its Name!

As soon as a sequel was announced for last years home invasion-hit THE PURGE (review), the idea of where to take it was vocal and unanimous: show the widespread effect of “The Purge”‘s 12-hour legal killing spree. If this teaser trailer is any indication, that is exactly what we’re getting. THE PURGE: ANARCHY follows a […]

March 13th, 2015 Is The Unlucky Date For New FRIDAY THE 13TH!

Mark your calendars, the unluckiest day in horror has found a release date. Paramount has set March 13th, 2015 as the day their new (it’s unconfirmed if this is a remake or sequel, although it’s learning towards the former) FRIDAY THE 13TH film will slash onto screens. As reported in October, Paramount is looking to […]

Platinum Dunes Going Found Footage For Thirteenth FRIDAY THE 13TH Film?

Now that the rights are back with Paramount (for a brief period), and Platinum Dunes’ grasp still around Jason Voorhees, a sequel is pretty much guaranteed…but maybe not in the way you want/expect. Ryan Turek at Shock Till You Drop has been reporting for quite a while that Dunes has been wanting to make a […]

Movie Review: THE PURGE

America sucks. I know it, you know it, and most importantly, horror films know it. Some of the best horror films of all time have a strong, underlying subtext that satires whatever current state our nation is in.  A major example of this resides in George A. Romero’s “…OF THE DEAD” films, most importantly 1978‘s DAWN OF THE DEAD. […]

Can You Survive The Night? Trailer & Poster For THE PURGE!

Before INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER II & PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 hit, Blumhouse has THE PURGE (once titled VIGILANDIA) coming our way. Today the poster & trailer dropped, and apart from looking like a blatant, high-concept remake of THE STRANGERS (also distributed by Universal) , it’s looking pretty cool. Also of note, this is Platinum Dunes’ first non-remake […]

Revisiting Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

As I mentioned in yesterday’s wrap-up of Platinum Dunes’ remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, it didn’t seem like the team behind that film were thinking in terms of “franchise” when they set about to re-introduce Leatherface to a brand new audience. If they had, then I doubt the ending of that movie would’ve had […]