Bonus Features Revealed For Scream Factory’s PHANTASM II Blu-ray!

Scream Factory has once again revealed a majorly sweet treat before we all collectively kick off our shoes and relax for the weekend, this time being the full list of bonus features included on the March 26th Collector’s Edition Blu-ray of PHANTASM II! Here’s the official post from Scream Factory’s Facebook page: “Happy Friday Scream […]

Rejoice! Shout Factory Preps HALLOWEEN 2, 3, TERROR TRAIN, THEY LIVE & More For Blu/DVD!

Man oh man, in the last couple of years Shout! Factory has really stepped up to become one of the best, genre-friendly DVD companies out there consistently putting out quality editions of all those great films we remember discovering on video store shelves. After their impeccable work they did on a slew of Roger Corman produced titles, […]