Today is the day a lot of cinephiles have been looking forward to. Ah yes. JAWS, one of filmmaker Steven Spielberg’s most beloved, influential and arguably best movies is finally out on Blu-Ray. And I’m going to skip over the actual review of the movie itself, because you guys all know the movie. And if you don’t, well […]

Sink Your Teeth Into These HD Clips From The Upcoming JAWS Blu-ray!

Today, June 20th not only marks the first day of Summer 2012 – but exactly 37 years ago to the day Steven Spielberg’s now legendary adaptation of Peter Benchley’s novel JAWS was released onto moviegoers everywhere. To commemorate this day, Universal has sent over two HD clips from the forthcoming Blu-ray release of JAWS and […]

Rejoice! Shout Factory Preps HALLOWEEN 2, 3, TERROR TRAIN, THEY LIVE & More For Blu/DVD!

Man oh man, in the last couple of years Shout! Factory has really stepped up to become one of the best, genre-friendly DVD companies out there consistently putting out quality editions of all those great films we remember discovering on video store shelves. After their impeccable work they did on a slew of Roger Corman produced titles, […]