Intense Survivalist Thriller CARNAGE PARK Heads to DVD/Bluray This November!

At Icons of Fright, we’re fans of director Mickey Keating’s work. One of the most diverse filmmakers around, each film of Keating’s feels completely different from the previous one and the director never feels the need to repeat himself. Thanks to the crew over at Scream Factory and their partnership with IFC Midnight, Keating’s survivalist […]

POD/DARLING Director Mickey Keating Returns With CARNAGE PARK; Bloody Thriller Hitting Theaters/VOD This July!

Here at Icons of Fright, we’re big fans of director Mickey Keating. From his Cult horror film RITUAL to his UFO conspiracy thriller POD, we absolutely love his work. Don’t even get us started with this year’s descent into madness film DARLING (review), as it’s quite possibly one of the most effective horror/thrillers in a […]

Dark Side of Glitz Film EVERLASTING Making its World Premiere At London’s Crystal Palace International Film Festival

Anthony Stabley’s EVERLASTING (review) made quite the impression on us when we had the chance to catch the film prior to its upcoming world premiere. The film that deals with a young man telling the story of his girlfriend’s desire to be a model and her descent into the sometimes brutally emotional and devastatingly dangerous world […]


We’ve all made sacrifices to be able to do whatever it is that we want to do. Some more than others, but it’s just a fact that in life, there are moments and opportunities that present themselves and we’re faced with the question of “how far will you go?”, a question that based on the […]


THE FILM: While you can easily read our review of the E.L. Katz-directed CHEAP THRILLS here, it’s important to say that it’s a film that gets even better upon multiple viewings. The story of a desperate guy doing desperate things for money, while completely funny at times, is a multi-layered examination of  how far people […]


When CHEAP THRILLS was screened at Austin’s Fantastic Fest, the film was preceded by a variety of dares. One woman ate a popsicle covered in bugs. A man had “Cheap Thrills” tattooed on his rear end in order to attain a 2014 Fantastic Fest VIP badge (worth it!) before ever having seen the movie. But […]

Fantasia Film Festival Review: CHEAP THRILLS!

Desperate people do desperate things. If there is an underlying theme to E.L. Katz’ CHEAP THRILLS, then that would definitely be it, as it’s an impressive as hell look at how far people are willing to go, when they simply have everything at stake. Full of some of the best performances that I’ve seen in […]

CHEAP THRILLS Wins New Flesh Award At Fantasia Film Festival!

We have a review that just dropped for CHEAP THRILLS (here), but we also wanted to share a prestigious award director E.L. Katz was given for his directorial debut! The New Flesh Award for Best First Feature is awarded to first-time directors, and it is extremely well deserved. This is a film you will not […]