Frightening HAUNTED HISTORY Ready To Chill Your Bones This September!!

Fans of both the supernatural AND history can celebrate, as HISTORY®’s HAUNTED HISTORY TV Series is now hitting dvd in a special 2-disc set on September 17th via Lionsgate Entertainment. It features more than six hours of frightening stories, and has a SRP of $19.99. Will you fright fiends be picking this one up? “Are […]

James Wan’s THE CONJURING Poster Is Minimalist & Creepy!

Warner Bros. marketing for James Wan’s fact based-paranormal chiller THE CONJURING has been frankly fantastic. The vintage teaser poster, the quite scary trailer that doesn’t spoil the entire film; all signs point to what may be 2013’s best horror film. The new theatrical poster above is wonderful. It’s minimalist, creepy, isn’t a bunch of floating […]

Return To The Further in 2013 With INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 2!

It’s official, director James Wan (Saw, Dead Silence) & writing partner Leigh Whannell are returning to the Further with INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 2!  It’s no surprise that a sequel is gearing up for a August 30th, 2013 (only a month after Wan’s other supernatural horror film The Conjuring opens) release since it was one of the […]