Things have been quiet on the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY front, Blumhouse’s inaugural found footage, fright-fest franchise that’s been dragging people out of bed and down the hallway since 2007. The better-than-expected spinoff THE MARKED ONES further opened up the mythology behind Grandma Lois and her demonic lackey Toby, leaving us waiting with bated breath for the […]



Not once after exiting the theater from a screening of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY did I think Oren Peli’s micro-budget horror would become the new reigning horror franchise. Funny how all that has changed five years, four sequels (five come this October), and hundreds of jump-scares later. Ain’t that the way? Did anyone think SAW would turn […]

Spinoff PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE MARKED ONES Expands Mythology In Debut Trailer!


Some of you may be happy that Paramount & Blumhouse are making 2013 PARANORMAL ACTIVITY-less, but fear not, 2014 is loaded with not one, but two sequels to the current horror franchise. Before PARANORMAL 5 reclaims it’s seasonal release date, kicking off the new year is PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE MARKED ONES (formerly titled THE OXNARD […]

New Red-Band Trailer For SINISTER Brings The Scares!

Alright, SINISTER movie. You had us at that first kick-ass teaser trailer. Ya know, the one that made us jump in our seats for the first time in like a decade? So rest assured, our tickets are as good as bought when you open on October 12th. But wait… you want to show us more? […]

Found Footage-Body Horror Runs Viral In THE BAY Trailer!

Barry Levinson’s (yes, the director of Rain Man) ecological/creepy crawlies- found footage horror film THE BAY makes it world premiere tonight at the Toronto International Film Festival, but for those unable to attend the fest fret not as the poster & trailer has just washed up for your viewing pleasure below! Found Footage criticism aside, […]

Check Out The Creepy New Poster For SINISTER!

If your interest hasn’t already been piqued from our previous piece about the film, I’m sure this new SINISTER poster might help. SINISTER is a frightening new thriller from the producer of the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY films and the writer-director of THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE.  Ethan Hawke plays a true crime novelist who discovers a […]

Full Length PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 Trailer Is Live!

Over the week Paramount has been releasing micro teasers leading up to today’s premiere of the full length trailer for PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 which we’ve included below, as well as the new poster above! Picking up where PA2 left off, with a possessed Katie taking her sisters baby son Hunter, PA4 centers around a teenage […]

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 Teaser Teases Full Length Trailer!

Paramount has just debuted a micro teaser for the upcoming full length trailer of their found footage franchise, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 that will premiere Wednesday, August 1st only on iTunes Movie Trailers (we’ll have it for you here too!) . Next to nothing is known about the fourth installment except that PA3 directors Henry Joost […]