Bluray review: KILLER WORKOUT

Some of the fondest memories I have of being a pre-teen in the 1980’s revolve around walking up and down the aisles of local mom and pop video stores and browsing video rental sections of grocery stores. My parents would shop and I would wander off and spend my time picking up VHS box after […]

Crazy Triple Features: Olive Films’ VOODOO MAN, UNDERCOVER BLUES & PHASE IV Blurays

As weird as it can be, I love to take three films that have NOTHING to do with each other and watch them back to back. Sure, nothing beats binge watching any of my favorite franchises like the HALLOWEEN, FRIDAY THE 13TH or A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET films, but this odd triple feature approach […]

Bluray Review: SHOCK ‘EM DEAD (1990)

There’s something magical about a lot of the cheesy films that the late ’80s and early ’90s put out. Wild stories that wouldn’t even be a thought to a studio execs these days, the films that filled VHS shelves and gathered dust in video stores everywhere are the ones I loved to check out. Some […]

Bluray Review: THE SENDER (1982)

Giving fans one hell of a telepathic thriller, Roger Christian (BANDIDO)’s 1982 film THE SENDER has finally made its way to Bluray, and it’s one entertaining ride that really holds up incredibly well. Following Gail Farmer (Kathryn Harrold, RAW DEAL, THE HUNTER), a woman who works at a mental hospital and her interest in a […]