Beyond Fright: Brand New Trailer for Brian DePalma’s PASSION

Brian DePalma has always had a knack for for building very suspenseful moments and keeping viewers on edge, and judging for this brand new trailer (that premiered) for PASSION, that hasn’t gone away. While not “horror” per se’, it looks pretty awesome, and who WOULDN’T want to see Noomi Rapace and Rachel McAdams go […]

First Tease Of Brian De Palma’s PASSION!

There are plenty of films in Brian De Palma’s filmography that I consider “horror”. In particular, I always rather enjoyed RAISING CAIN. DRESSED TO KILL of course is his homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s PSYCHO. And now this looks like it could be a return to form for the famed director. Below you’ll find the teaser […]

How ‘Bout Just One More PROMETHEUS TV Spot?

As I mentioned in our previous post, I’m trying my best now to just avoid anymore promotional materials for PROMETHEUS. I’m just so darned excited to see Ridley Scott’s grand return to the ALIEN universe. But what the hell… what’s one more look going to do this close to the movie’s release other than continue […]


I was hoping to avoid any potential spoilers from Ridley Scott’s new sci-fi/horror ALIEN prequel PROMETHEUS, but with each new trailer released, I just find myself getting more and more excited. And when I started reading the reactions to this freshly release 3 minute international trailer, I couldn’t help myself – I buckled and watched […]

ICONS VIDEO – Trailer & Clip Round-up! 3/23/12

Man oh man. Apologies to our ICONS readers for once again falling behind on frequent updates. BUT on the plus side, it gives us the opportunity to catch up on a bunch of cool stuff all in one post! Lots of cool trailers and clips have surfaced these last few weeks, so let’s take a […]